Guided Tour: Load Planning with the Loadmaster ToolKit™ 'Form-F' App

This tour gives you a step-by-step, pane-by-pane, overview of the process of preparing and filing a airlift load plan using Loadmaster ToolKit's innovative Form-F app. In this guided tour, the buttons (see below) will step you through each pane in order.

Note that, on a USAF Electronic Flight Bag (EFB, i.e. an iPad), or another larger-screen device* (e.g, a PC desktop or laptop, or a "plus size" phone), LTK-F will usually present a pair of panes, side-by-side.

For instance, the Welcome and Mission panes - see below - will normally be paired. Similarly, the Form-F mission overview pane, plus a working 'detail' pane, will be paired. And if you tap for help for a working pane, that help will be paired with the pane it explains.

Once a pane has been presented, it will move back; however you can tap it to bring it and its description back to the front. Tap a front pane again as an alternate to the "Next pane" buttons.

* For best visibility and usability on smaller screen devices - e.g, a small iPhone, or an iPod Touch - that device's entire be dedicated to a single pane.

(Explanation) (Top-Level LTK Screens) (Form-F Detail Screens)

You may notice that this presentation, and the LTK process it describes, closely follow the steps you would take in preparing a paper DD-365 Form-F. This is by design, both to minimize the need for Loadmaster training, and to maintain/enhance your skills in the manual process.

Now that you're familiar with LTK, please try our free, interactive DEMO!

On your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch (or Mac or PC) visit:

(Note that currently, only iOS devices are fully supported by that LTK DEMO; visiting the LTK-F page from a desktop/laptop PC, or any non-Apple tablet or phone, will generate a warning that you may encounter problems.)

Also, please be aware that, on your first visit to the LTK-F Demo, you will be routed via a set-up screen. There, you have the option of customizing LTK, by entering your name, rank, etc. These are NOT required to try out the demo. If you'd rather not enter them, simply tap the "Skip to Demo..." button to proceed as an anonymous Visitor.

We welcome your questions or suggestions: please contact our Project Leader, LTC(Ret) Larry Crain, at 800-981-IDEA. Or email Larry at