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An Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for Loadmasters
Running on your Government-issued iPad™,  LTK™ will
provide a quick, easy-to-use Form-F app with e-filing,  as
well as Checklists,  TOs and Manuals,  training for both
your crew duties and PME,  and many more tools from
the USAF, DoD, Allies, and commercial app developers.
...providing many key EFB Benefits...
Common tool for all military airlift Loadmasters.
Improves flight safety. Slashes time to plan missions, and to load aircraft. Near real-time tracking of cargo and PAX.  Lowers publication and admin costs.  Enhances aircrew training and management.
...installed, integrated and supported...
This innovative "System+Service" will include:
 + Loadmaster training and app installation
 + Interfacing LTK server with USAF C3 systems
 + LTK App updates, quarterly and as-needed
 + 24/7 Toll-free Help line and on-line chat
 + (Optional) LTK devices, updated regularly
...for a low per-mission service fee...
When a mission is actually filed&flown,  LTK's fee
is just $1/ton. There's ZERO up-front cost to deploy on existing USAF iPads; and NO fee for using LTK for training, advanced mission planning, etc.
...that pays for itself in fuel savings!
Because an optimally-balanced aircraft flies more efficiently, fuel cost savings should more than repay LTK's fee within the first hour of each flight.
Once LTK is deployed USAF- and DoD-wide,
annual net savings should exceed $15 million!
To learn more, please contact:
LTC(Ret) Larry Crain, Founder/CEO LarryCrain@iCloud.com - 314-541-4499
As proposed:
As Presented/Demoed at:
Gathering of Loads

+ '17/Little Rock + '16/OKC +
'14/StLouis + '12/Dayton
  Also Presented/Demonstrated at:
Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center (AATTC)

2019 .. '18 .. '17 .. '16 .. '15 .. '14

SAWE'13 / St.Louis

NVSBC'13 / St.Louis
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